Harmies® Ltd Terms and Conditions

Manufactures Warranty and Returns Policy

Our diffusers come with a free 12 months manufacturer’s warranty, which starts from the day your order is processed. This is a warranty that covers your product from any defects or faults caused during the manufacturing stage of the product.

For example, if you find that your diffuser is not working upon arrival or within the first one (1) year of receiving the diffuser, please email us with a short video at hello@harmies.com, and we can quickly assess the problem. Depending on the video assessment, the buyer will need to ship the product to the original retail (online) store for further investigation.

If the diffuser has been used properly by the buyer and they are experiencing a manufacturer fault, Harmies® Ltd will replace the diffuser under the warranty, within the first 12 months from purchase.

This warranty does not cover any defects or damage caused by the buyer once they receive the product. This also includes no cover if the diffuser has been clogged or malfunctioned due to the use of certain low-quality oils, such as carrier oils. Also includes deterioration or tearing of the rubber grommet and tubing, or other damage caused by misuse of the diffuser. If you do return the diffuser and we can identify any issues have been caused by misuse/the buyer, we will not be liable to provide a refund.

Harmies® Ltd shall NOT provide free maintenance for instances based on the following scenarios for products still within the valid warranty period):

  1. Malfunctions that occur after one (1) year from the date of purchase
  2. Malfunctions caused by fire, earthquake, storm, flood, pollution, disaster, war or other external factors, out of Harmies® Ltd control or influence
  3. Malfunctions caused by dropping or transportation
  4. Damage caused while operating the product, and scratches or stains caused by usage or other factors
  5. Malfunctions caused by the buyer disassembling, modifying or repairing the product
  6. Normal wear of LED lights, accessories and other consumables
  7. Malfunctions caused by failure to use specific essential oil as indicated (we suggest using high quality pure essential oils)

Harmies® Ltd reserves the right to send the products from their operating headquarters or from other third-party fulfilment centres (such as Amazon), as required or necessary to complete transactions.

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